Conference Program

Since 1981 SATELLITE has remained at the epicenter of innovation in the satellite and space community, where conversations spark action and deals between strategic partners are forged. 

Following the successful launch of the SATELLITE, Via Satellite came to fruition with the objective to serve our community’s need for constant and reliable content. In the years following, key influencers flocked to Via Satellite for essential news and expert business analysis on the global satellite industry. This invaluable editorial expertise is used to create a business-focused, forward-looking program at SATELLITE that touches on what is making waves in the industry today and tomorrow.

– SATELLITE ’24 Opening General Sessions –

Tuesday General Session | 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
How Industry Leaders are Investing in Growth: Innovative Satellite Technologies for New Customers

A global surge in demand for satellite services across multiple markets has created a growth opportunity for satellite operators and manufacturers. Now locked in a race to build the network infrastructure needed to meet this demand, satellite industry executives find themselves in a position where spending money to make money is the only way to keep pace with industry leaders. Are the days of defensive cost-cutting and playing it safe over?

During our marquee Tuesday Opening General Session, Via Satellite Editorial Director Mark Holmes asks our industry’s most influential executives how they are scaling up and going on the offense with strategic investments in technology and new customer acquisition.


Eva Berneke
CEO, Eutelsat
Dan Goldberg
CEO, Telesat
Ruy Pinto
David Wajsgras
CEO, Intelsat
Wednesday General Session | 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Are Satellite and Cellular Worlds Converging or Colliding? 

For decades, satellite operators and terrestrial connectivity service providers were conveniently siloed by geography, customer location, and application. The boundaries between these two worlds have rapidly eroded over the past two years through new application-enabling partnerships, merger and acquisition activity, and explosive growth in 5G and advanced IoT networks. Is satellite and cellular convergence a passing trend, or the natural evolution of connectivity infrastructure? Are we about to witness the birth of a new class of global hybrid satellite/cellular connectivity providers through mergers and acquisitions?

During our headline Wednesday General Session, executive leaders with insights into both satellite and cellular worlds share their perspectives in an open and honest discussion on the pros and cons of convergence.


Hamid Akhavan
CEO, EchoStar
Mark Dankberg
CEO, Viasat, Inc.

The Full SATELLITE Agenda Will be Released This Fall!

What can you expect:

  • Commercial / Enterprise Connectivity Services
  • Government & Military Services
  • Ground Systems and Hardware (Antennas, Terminals, etc.)
  • Launch & Manufacturing Services
  • Space Data (Imagery, Sensing, Tracking, etc.)


  • Software (Cloud, Cybersecurity, Virtualization, etc.)
  • Startups & Investors
  • Education / Workforce Development
  • Space Sustainability Issues (Debris Removal, Servicing, SSA, etc.)
  • and more!

Executive Discussions

More than half of the audience at SATELLITE are high-level executives and that makeup is represented on the stage. The program includes future forecasts and trajectories, the viewpoint of the global launcher and manufacturer markets, strategies of high-profile companies, and more.

Financial Insights

SPACS, mergers & acquisitions, new markets, technology investments, startup business plans – the satellite industry is constantly evolving and SATELLITE covers the important trends in the marketplace for investors.

Technical Content

A technology-driven industry requires technical-focused content to stay cutting-edge and on the forefront of invention. The technology & engineering content at SATELLITE is unparalleled, attracting the brightest and best to share the minute details of progress.

Emerging Tech

From climate change to geopolitical conflicts, satellites have begun to play a major role in some of the world’s biggest problems. We’ll dive into the latest tech emerging from the industry and look at what’s next by talking to those who are on the frontlines.

End-User Markets

Space and satellite technology have played a pivotal role in the evolution of many industries including the government/military, transportation, energy & utilities, telecommunications, and more. Sessions will feature experts from these markets who are on the leading edge of implementing satellite applications into their company’s business strategy for future growth.

Regional Focus

Each geographical region presents unique challenges and opportunities, and often can’t be tackled with a blanket strategy. SATELLITE content utilizes the same targeted approach, building a panel of professionals and companies directly involved with the region and technology being discussed so the conversation is focused and action-oriented.

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