Expanding Horizons. Creating Opportunities.

SATELLITE has consistently been at the epicenter of innovation in the satellite and space community, where conversations spark action, and deals between strategic partners are forged.  As we close the books on this year and head into the next, I can’t help but feel that we’re on the verge of something special.  At SATELLITE 2022, we’re welcoming back many in the community who were unable to travel in 2021, and diving into developments in the satellite industry that are setting the narrative for the rest of the year.

The industry is closing out 2021 with a bang, and not slowing down in 2022.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the milestones that are creating opportunities within the community and expanding horizons for the global community as a whole.

  • Several satellites – Viasat-3, Maxar WorldView Legion, O3b mPOWER – are set to launch in 2022
  • Space companies are going public, many of them through SPAC mergers
  • Human spaceflight has taken a giant leap forward, with Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and others going to space, and Inspiration4 successfully launching on Sept. 15
  • Rapid developments in antenna technology, driving innovation on the ground
  • OneWeb satellite constellation launched and rolling out full global connectivity services
  • GPS III journey picking up speed and nearing completion
  • U.S. Infrastructure Bill includes investment in broadband, and how the satellite industry will play a role in bridging the digital divide.

You can decide whether to attend SATELLITE and take an active role in the future of the satellite industry or be a spectator on the sidelines, unaware of what’s happening until it’s too late.  Register today to take your place at the table, and to take advantage of Early Bird pricing which expires December 16!